On: the last home game of the season, in which I do not use the word “mighty” once.

Tomorrow (Saturday 18/4/2015) is Hastings United‘s last home game of a sorry sorry season. They go into their match against the top-scoring team in the league, 2nd placed Faversham Town, needing points to avoid relegation.

How different to the start of this season when we were told a budget was in place which would see us, having hoovered up all the best players from miles around, challenging for promotion. Videos were produced, hubristic player interviews were on YouTube and all seemed set fair. How we would see off those no-marks from Walton and Herne Bay, and leave Whitstable choking on our dust!

Oh dear. Since then we’ve got through over 50 players, 3 managers and 2 chairmen and even the nice Golden Goals lady looks pissed-off. We are 21st in the Ryman League South. Some days have just been horrible: a recent stink-up against bottom-of-the-league Horsham still gives me the shivers.

On the bright side the programme is much better than last year, the plastic glasses in the bar are much higher quality, and a good Easter gave us hope again.

Update: We won this & drew the next, so staying up. Commiserations to @egtfcwasps , and trust in your reprieve.

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