My entirely non-radical reading list


This is probably unspeakably tiresome, so don’t feel obliged… It’s a list of the books in my to-read pile. It’s overwhelmingly dead, white, European – in fact English – males, and this bothers me.

  • The Cinque Ports, a Historical and Descriptive RecordFord Madox Ford
  • Return To Yesterday – Ford Madox Ford (now)
  • The Way of all Flesh – Samuel Butler
  • A High Wind in Jamaica – Richard Hughes
  • Twilight of the Gods and Other Tales– Richard Garnett
  • Anna Karenina – Leo Tolstoy
  • The Invention of Nature: How Alexander Von Humboldt Revolutionized Our World –  Andrea Wulf
  • A month in the country –  JL Carr
  • The Journal of a Disappointed Man – WMP Barbellion (next?)
  • Hot Water – PG Wodehouse (done)
  • The Habsburg Monarchy 1809-1918 – AJP Taylor
  • The Red House Mystery – AA Milne
  • The Parthenon – Mary Beard
  • In a Class of Their Own: A History of English Amateur Football – Terry Morris (done) My Amazon review here

-There’s some quite demanding stuff here so I’ll have to leaven it with some Terry Pratchett and some Milligan, who are sadly also DWEMs.

-It’s about time I reread To The Lighthouse and Scenes of Clerical Life, so DWEW get a foot in the door.

-I haven’t read any Wilkie Collins for a while either. Dickens is covered for now as I’ve got Little Dorrit on audiobook, beautifully read by Mil Nicholson.


-Additionally I’ve got about 20 books on my A****n Wish List, none of which are shown above, so I’d be immensely grateful if #Bookshambles, @backlistedpod and others would lay off telling me about great new stuff and just recommend things I’ve already read for a few months if that’s OK.

-Of course if Gotham Season 2 comes on Netflix soon, if Hastings United make a serious promotion bid or if I just come over all anti-intellectual I’ll only be able to manage reading Angry People In Local Newspapers When Saturday Comes. but that’s OK too.

-A good thriller. Someone recommend me a good thriller.

PS I had the great pleasure of briefly meeting Alan Judd on the train on Monday. Mr Judd wrote this biography of Ford Madox Ford , which he’ll be delighted to know I instantly ordered when I got home. He’ll be less delighted when I say that I bought it 2nd hand for 1p + p&p.

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