Today’s visitors.


Last season I accused Whyteleafe of not having a Twitter account, but they swiftly pointed out that I was wrong. What they actually didn’t have was a Twitter account worth reading, which is different, and I’m happy to correct my error.

Whyteleafe is somewhere near Croydon apparently. Whatever.

Here it is.

Club History

Whyteleafe FC was formed in 19-something when Whyteleafe Albion merged with Whyteleafe Sparta, and then nobody bothered about it very much for 20 years or so.

Interestingly*, in 1898 Whyteleafe Sparta were briefly notorious for “earning” the first recorded “dodgy pen”when Alf Pubes “went down all-too easily” under “pressure” from a Tooting defender.

In 1984 Wyteleafe FC applied for a licence to be Any Good, but 2 years later it was revoked due to abusing the privilege, and they have consequently not been allowed to be Any Good since. Hence here they are at The Pilot Field today rather than at, say, The Hawthorns, I expect.

We have to say this

A very warm Pilot Field welcome to the officials, players and supporters (if any) of Whyteleafe FC, and we hope they have a miserable time, get wet, and then get stuck behind a lorry on the A21.


*look up “interesting”, then you decide.

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