Hastings United 2016/2017

Here’s a short review of the season just gone as I saw it. I can’t believe that Other Leagues are still playing: what’s the matter with them? I’ve lost interest.

I say “as I saw it” because I’m just this guy, watching my 3rd full season at Hastings United, who hardly ever gets to away games (just the one this season at the Dripping Pan). To give some context, I was only just aware of the club when the game at Middlesbrough happened, but by the time relegation came along at the end of the same season I was mourning on Twitter, knowing that my big move to Hastings was ON. (In a bloody-awful alternative world I might have moved to Bognor or even East*****e. Imagine the horror).

We had some great days didn’t we? 4-1 v South Park. 6-1 v Guernsey, followed by 7-1 v Herne Bay, then 4-0  v Aylesbury, all in the space of a few weeks.

I took my mum (who is as old the Main Stand, but much less decrepit) to see us blatter Lewes 3-0 on Boxing Day. Harry scored his Goal of the Season that day. She called it “proper football”.

Then there were those stupid games where we’d score 3 but the opposition would march down the field and equalise every facking time and then win. (Corinthian Casuals)  Or when we contrived to let in 4 at home to bloody Three Bridges.

Top scorers in this or many other leagues. That’s worth an asterisk in a yearbook.

We got into the playoffs by the skin of the teeth then lost on penalties against a team that had acquired more than 20 points more than than us, and that in any fair world would have gone up anyway: good luck to Dorking Wanderers next year.

Have a great summer, all the people I’ve chatted with this season. There are some lovely people around the the ground who I’d like to get to know better. I’m sorry that Steve Thorpe didn’t get on the County Council. I know that 3 votes came from my household but it obviously wasn’t good enough.

I can give a couple of Saturdays for work at the ground, if needed. A DM to @colin_davey will galvanise me! (note: DM received! Bluff called!)


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